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Banking and Finance

Banks and other lenders face unique legal challenges. The experienced team of attorneys at Wasinger Daming is available to assist with the complexities of finance and banking law.

Our clients encounter legal issues stemming from a variety of statutes, regulations, and common-law technicalities, including such questions arising under:

  • RESPA, TILA, Missouri Merchandising Practices Act, and other legislation, as interpreted by ever-changing requirements of regulatory agencies;
  • Privacy rights and concomitant lenders’ duties under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, federal agency regulations, and state law;
  • Liability for forged and fraudulent checks drawn on customers’ accounts, or for check-kiting schemes perpetrated by depositors;
  • Collecting loans purchased from other lenders or from the FDIC as Receiver, and the unique protections offered by the D’Oensch Duhme Doctrine and other legal principles; and
  • Claims by married spouse guarantors for violations of Regulation B (EOCA).
  • Litigation over all facets of banking and financial laws.

The experienced attorneys at Wasinger Daming can provide expert guidance and advocacy concerning these matters and the related areas of law, including property and corporate law, that often arise with them. We provide our clients with comprehensive consultation and representation on matters affecting lending relationships.

If you require help with a financial and banking-related legal matter, contact the attorneys at Wasinger Daming by calling (314) 961-0400.