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Real Estate Law

Do you own a residential or commercial property? Are you in the process of buying or selling property? If so, you may encounter issues related to real estate law, such as long-paid liens that were never released on the public records, equitable claims, undivided interests, probate proceedings, and other complexities that arise in disputes over land ownership and land usage.

At Wasinger Daming, we have a seasoned team of attorneys who practice in real estate law, which requires a unique blend of knowledge concerning local, state and federal property laws.
Our legal team can provide help with a variety of different legal matters, including:

  • Disputes over contingencies expressed in contracts for sale or purchase of property;
  • Representation of condominium and homeowners’ associations;
  • Legal proceedings relating to restrictive covenants, homeowners’ association rights and duties, environmental and other land use restrictions, and zoning;
  • Commercial leases and evaluation of the most effective remedies for breaches that avoid the traps of common law and statutes;
  • Adverse possession and prescriptive easements;
  • Issues related to access, public ways, abandonment of public ways, and establishing private roads;
  • Mechanic’s liens and other liens on real estate.

These are just a few of the many issues that can be addressed by Wasinger Daming’s real estate attorneys.

If you need help with a situation related to real estate law, you are invited to contact the experienced real estate attorneys at Wasinger Daming.

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