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Zoning Law

Zoning law encompasses the ordinances and regulations governing the usage of various land parcels.

Zoning is used to divide a community into particular districts, including commercial, residential, industrial and mixed use districts.

However, there are many complexities stemming from zoning laws, which vary from municipality to municipality. Residents, property owners, or business owners may seek out variances and exceptions from the local zoning board.

Zoning laws frequently dovetail with other areas of legal practice, such as municipal law and real estate law. This can complicate matters, but the attorneys at Wasinger Daming are happy to assist because we practice in all of these areas.

Our attorneys can provide representation in a litigation case, or offer legal advice. We can also help to interpret zoning laws in communities that lack a designated city attorney.

If you require assistance with a matter relating to zoning law, contact the attorneys with Wasinger Daming. Call (314) 961-0400.